ITM prepares studies for planning, preparation, and implementation of investment projects. To carry out this work, ITM provides the following services:

Preparation and analysis of the project format and project cycle.

Marketing system studies for investment projects and related to:

  • Consumer analysis

  • Competition analysis

  • Marketing plan

  • Procurement factor analysis

  • Processing factor analysis

Project worth measures and analysis of financial viability of investment projects.

Analysis of social, economic viability of investment projects.

Implementation and sustainability of projects.

  • Project implementation process.

  • Implementation cycle.

  • Factors affecting success of project implementation.

Implementation and Operation Management.

  • The project environment.

  • The project management information system (PMIS).

  • CPM/PERT critical path networking.

Sustainability of Projects.

  • Sustainability and development process.

  • Assessing projects sustainability.

  • Factors affecting projects sustainability.

Identification of different alternatives for projects preparation and implementation.

Evaluation of technical offers.

  • Specifications of financial and accounting systems.

  • Corporate structure, personnel organization, administration of sales and advertising.