We are ready to develop and handle your export business. Although there are other export management and trading companies, our goal is to provide your business with one-stop services of comprehensive export and finance that enables you to achieve your export targets.


  • Experience: 
    ITM’s principals have a collective 75 years of international trade and business finance.
  • Trade Leads:
    ITM staff identifies foreign trade leads, weed out the “fishing expeditions” and specify the high-quality leads. We match the leads with demand opportunities, and suppliers in our network, and follow through to get the transaction completed.
  • Market intelligence:
    ITM actively identifies foreign market demand based on worldwide market research. This allows ITM to back up its recommendations with a current analysis of traditional and promising market potentials, for your business products, the competitive situation, foreign business practices, and the reputability of prospective foreign buyers or distributors.
  • Promotion resources: 
    ITM (offers its clients worldwide market exposure for featured products. Potential buyers and distributors can view detailed descriptions of the client’s product and contact ITM for further information and authorized price quotes.
  • Sales Solutions & Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
    Domestically, ITM works with banks, freight forwarders, and others to provide a full range of export support services to its clients. In addition, ITM has a worldwide network of useful trade contacts, including U.S. commercial staff at embassies and consulates, foreign government officials, particularly in the Middle East, and business leaders in the industrial, agricultural, trade and financial service sectors.
  • Guaranteed Payment: 
    When ITM handles your export transaction, we guarantee your payment in US dollars. Since we’re not compensated until you are, we don’t take chances. We require all overseas payments to be secured.
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