Export Promotion: Mechanisms and Techniques
5 Weeks
Introduction: Most developing countries have technical and supply problems that hold exports back. This is mainly due to the low performance of public sector export organizations, not only in providing information to produce what the international markets want and need, but also in their very little practical contributions of other services that are needed to expand exports. Restructuring trade institutions, reform of trade policies, wide open competition in services for trade and well trained human resources with commercial experience have become increasingly important to promote exports and achieve development objectives. This has become very evident to face international competitiveness in an environment of free trade.

Objectives: The seminar will enable participants to:

  1. Analyze market structure, market conduct, and market performance for major manufacturing industries in some developing countries.
  2. Identify influences and difficulties that have negative impact on the effectiveness of support services for manufactured exports.
  3. Discuss characteristics of public sector trade promotion organizations.
  4. Specify practical tools and techniques that are applicable to key areas in restructuring public sector export organizations.
  5. Develop analytical skills for foreign trade risk management, and trade finance techniques.
  6. Acquire technical skills in developing exports promotion strategy.
  7. Locate contacts and establish networking with U.S. Government and private sector representatives.

Target Group Of Participants:

  • Directors of Marketing Departments
  • Sales Managers
  • Managers/Executives of Customer Service Departments
  • Manager/Executives of Export Departments
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